Thursday, November 5, 2009

Classmate's lesson

Antoinette and Sarah lesson was a good topic but the lesson was never introduced because the students misbehaved tremendously. Although, Antoinette handle the class a little bit, Sarah was extremely passive with the students. She should have enforced the rules accordingly and the students who were misbehaving could have been use to answer some of the question on the smart board. They would have enjoy the lesson more instead of misbehaving.

I enjoyed their ideas of using the smart board in the first grade classroom. I could see a lot of students getting into that particular lesson. Students who learn kinesthetically will enjoy the moving around and those who learn musically and visually will aslo enjoy their lesson. I say that because they used a lot of medium to capture the students attention.The only thing I would have done differently would be some adjustment to the rules and I would have done some assign seating for the students who were near their friends.

Reflection of Podcast

We are plannig to use the podcast as the ice breaker for the story and the lesson. We are using the podcast to help the students answer the riddles that were given to them before we read the book. The students listened to the podcast quietly and after the podcast was done, we ask them question about the animals they just learned in the story. The podcast worked but it was very low for the students to hear. I would use it but I would have to make sure the school that I am interested in has a good IT team that would help me with any technological problems.

Reflection of your Lesson

My partner and I prepared the lesson a day an advance. We actually met and organize how we are going to teach the lesson, how we are going to handle students who mis behave and the kind of rules that should be set in the classroom. Our objectives was for the students to recognize similarities and differences between offspring and parents, they will be able to sort and match babie and mothers and also list the different types of animals that are in the story. The students were assessed formaly and informaly. For the informal assessment teacher observe students and made sure they were approprietly responding to the text and video. For the Formal assessment students must complete a handout with 95% accuracy. If students need guidance, teacher should provide assistance. The lesson was executed exactly as it was written. We just didn't mention the new vocabulary words because some of the students were misbehaving a little. The most important thing I tried to teach to the students were my objectives. The similarities and differences of some animals. It went well. From the students, I learned that I aam patient and they respect me. I would have smiled more and be less rigid. The lesson was good I don't i would have changed anything. I engaged the students, I kept them busy at all time, we read them a book, played the podcast and also a video.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Podcast finally

We just came up with a new concept for our podcast because we saw the video for our book online. We will fix our podcast and post it once we are done. We will finish the lesson planning ideas by thursday and everything should be done by friday.

Podcast finally

We are done with our podcasting. We could not post our sound while recording because the sound was taking over our voice. We will look for lesson plans and create our questions.

Friday, September 25, 2009


The computer is extremely slow today. The podomatic website was not functioning properly and the blogger website shutdown multiple time while I was working. We will fix everything in the next hour. Hope we have better luck next time.


We finished the story on Podomatic and we also have all the question written down. I will make some changes to the story and some of the pic and we will record the story one last time. I was trying to look for great sound effect to add to the recording but it's kind of difficult to find great animal sounds.